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Our Services

Whether you’re considering applying for European, Government, Lottery or Trust Funding, seeking to develop a Fundraising Strategy to improve Major Donner Giving, Legacy, Corporate and Individual Giving, or simply requiring Funding Advice in the form of one-to-one bespoke training or workshop delivered to your organisation then Shaw Funding Consultancy can help break down the barriers in this challenging, time-consuming and complex environment.

There are three overarching basic service areas we offer:


The way we work differs from client to client and project to project as we believe that there is no “one size that fits all” therefore we are extremely flexible and will agree a solutions package that is right for you your project and your budget. Our fundraising services are designed with you in mind. We will meet you and your staff. We will get to know your organisation, how you do things, what projects you want to deliver, who you want to impact and how much you want to raise, by when

In line with the ethical regulations for the sector I cannot work on a commission basis or a no-win no-fee, and no other professional funding consultancy firm can.  However my fees are more than comparable for the market and as a guide travel costs are charged at 45 p per mile and consultancy fees start from £30 per hour.