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About Lottery Grants

Who distributes the Good Causes money?

There are currently 13 Lottery funders who independently decide which projects have successfully applied for a grant. Each is independent of Government but has to follow guidelines when deciding who should receive National Lottery funding. Further details can be found at but the 13 Lottery funders are:

  • Arts Council England
  • Arts Council of Northern Ireland
  • Arts Council for Wales
  • Big Lottery Fund (a merger of The Community Fund and New Opportunities Fund)
  • British Film Institute
  • Creative Scotland
  • Heritage Lottery Fund
  • Olympic Lottery Distributor
  • Sports Council Northern Ireland
  • Sports Council for Wales
  • Sport England
  • Sport Scotland
  • UK Sport


How can I apply for a grant?

To find out about applying for funding call The National Lottery Funding Helpline on 0845 275 0000 or visit which explains about different funding streams and which ones are currently open for receiving applications.


How is the money split?

Currently Lottery funding is allocated to Good Causes in the following way:

  • Charities, Health, Education & the environment 46%
  • Sports 18%
  • Arts 18%
  • Heritage 18%


What is the role of the Department for Culture, Media and Sport?

The DCMS has responsibility within Government for National Lottery policy, setting down how distributing bodies operate.

For more information visit


How can I find out about grants given out where I live?

There is a database on the DCMS website which lets you search grants that have been given out. The search is located in the National Lottery section at


Who is Camelot?

Camelot is the current licensed operator of the UK National Lottery. It is responsible for ensuring the best possible return to the Good Causes but does not distribute or award funds. Camelot designs new games, provides services for players and winners, and works with retailers to sell tickets. For more information visit


What does the National Lottery Commission do?

The Commission is a non-departmental public body. Its duties are to protect players’ interests, to ensure that the Lottery is run properly, and to maximise the amount raised for Good Causes. For more information visit


What is the role of the National Lottery Promotions Unit?

The NLPU was established to raise public awareness of the Good Causes benefiting from Lottery funding. This was a result of research which showed that people want to know how Lottery funding is being spent. The Unit works closely with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, the funding bodies and Camelot the operator.


How can I find out about playing Lottery games?

To find out about all aspects of game playing including results, and different ways to play, please visit The National Lottery website

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