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About Government Funding

Most central government departments have funding programmes for Business and voluntary organisations with a national remit or undertaking initiatives of national significance. Grant schemes are designed to fit the policy objectives and programme outcomes of each particular department. A great deal of central government funding is available through a wide range of associated agencies, quangos or non-departmental public bodies, such as, the Arts Council, Natural England and the Learning and Skills Council.

Departments also fund the voluntary sector through direct funding relationships with specific organisations whose work is close to their own interests. For example, the Ministry of Justice funds Victim Support, on a regular, annual-review basis.

Despite some efforts, central government departments are not generally in sync with each other. The design, administration and quality of funding programmes will vary between and even within departments. Also, criteria generally changes from year to year to reflect changes in government policy. However there are some common aspects in central government funding that can help you know what to expect and there are funding programmes which open annually on a straightforward competitive basis with a set deadline.


Release of Funding

The Government from a central perspective releases many funds in a retrospective way so to react to public opinion. A good example of these are the funds released as a direct result of the recent riots or those linked to terrorism acts or potentially high unemployment over recent years.  These funds tend to highly competitive and dependent upon area need.

To keep abreast of the many funds that are released without much warning please keep up to date with the departmental Websites overleaf.


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