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A fundraising strategy is essential to ensure the growth and sustainability of any charity or not for profit organisation. We can work with you to establish how best to achieve your goals, taking your internal capacity into consideration along with relevant external factors that may impact on fundraising. We can offer a reasoned analysis of funding opportunities, including essential advice on; presenting your pitch, establishing timeframes, prospect research, community consultation, service monitoring and evaluation, as well as options for diversifying your funding portfolio.

Fundraising Strategy Reports

Although every Fundraising Strategy is different, the following sets out some of the main areas that we may include in a written strategy:

  • A detailed review of the charity’s current status, covering;
    • Current income sources
    • Fundraising activity and human resources
    • Charitable activities (and development plans)
    • SWOT & PEST Analysis
  • Analysis of competitors / similar organisations;
    • Trends in income levels and funding mix
    • Indications of their future priorities
    • How they compare to the client charity
  • Funding Opportunities and Threats
    • Opportunities to develop existing funding sources
    • New potential funding avenues
    • Research results on a wide range of specific grant and contract opportunities
    • External risk to current funding sources – such as through government policy change, evolving grant funder expectations etc
  • Recommendations and Action Plan
    • Priority areas for development or consolidation
    • Human resource needs
    • Action Plan – with assigned time bound tasks

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